• SuperMax 70 Watt Mod Box Review made & sold by ArtisanVaping This Box mod is the most durable box mod that I own or have ever used. There is Not a thing flimsy about it like others I have used.

    Chip is design, and programed by the maker vendor with having a industrial button. Fits comfortable in your hand being just the right size, and powder…[Read more]

  • CONTEST GIVEAWAY TIME! 22 bottles of eJuice worth over $400 CONTEST GIVEAWAY TIME! 22 bottles of eJuice worth over $400

    These are some of the best eJuice you will ever try, most are sealed bottles being 12, and 16 mg some 6 mg. The value of these are over $400 total.

    Here is how to enter:
    Be a subscriber of my You Tube channel, and just put in…[Read more]

  • Smart Lambo Kit Review from Lrider Tech of China I was sent this kit from the MFG Lrider of china for review.

    This PV worked well for what it is, a lot better then a 808/510 stick battery type using a cartomizer like a blue or a disposable.

    Being 400 mah with using their 2.5 ohm clearomizer the battery lasted me about 2 hours but was a better…[Read more]

  • Four eJuices Reviewed made & sold by OMG Flavors These 4 flavors where very good liking them all but my favorite was Strawberry Kiwi, and Cinnamon Bun. The other two were very good also Grape Drink, and Peach Ring. All had good vapor production, and throat hit. https://squareup.com/market/omg-flavors and http://www.omgflavors.com/

  • Vapor Shark DNA 30 Review using their Nana Banana e-Juice Have this Vapor Shark DNA 30 for over 2 months now with finding No issues. It is built solid with being the smallest stealthiest DNA 30 mod on the market. It is usb rechargeable with which can be used while charging making it a true pass-through.

    Because it is so small in size it has a…[Read more]

  • Seven 30 Mod 26650 W/ SX300 Chip- Gravity Sensing 30 WATTS Review sold by Vapor Tek USA The Seven 30 Mod made by Green Leaf Tech is a 30 watt regulated mod using the SX300 Chip. The body is designed a little different then the first Seven 22 version with slits, and new bottom cap design without the use of a spring which is now adjustable for…[Read more]

  • KangerTech Aerotank Giant Review sold at VaporBeast Another Great new product from KangerTech with a new airflow base design that the circumference being about 28 mm fitting nicely a 26650 mod.. This tank has a 4.5 ml capacity which comes with a Glass, and metal option tank. Also comes with 2 dual coil 2.0 ohm atomizer heads.

    You can buy these…[Read more]

  • Our Mod Envy Show Host Nitrobex Enters the 9 SouthVapes Cloud Competition Sorry to see that Nitrobex was eliminated on the second round but check out his review page, and send him some love! Nitrobex reviews page .http://www.nitrobexreviews.com/

    First Place was a $1000.00 cash


    300 Rt. 37 East
    Toms River…[Read more]

  • Wettermelon (Watermelon) eJuice Review made by FNVapes This watermelon flavor was OK if you like Jolly Ranchers watermelon kind of a candy flavor.

    With the summer approaching hope to bring you some more summer flavors soon.


  • Vaping Underground Trailer #3 Final The release of the Vaping Underground Trailer #3 Final before we go Live in a few more days.

    Come join us http://vapingunderground.com/

    Vendors get your free vendor sub forum for just linking back our banner

  • New KangerTech Dual Coil 0.8 Sub Ohm Replacement Heads Review I bought these dual coil 0,8 sub ohm replacement heads from VaperBeast.com

    You need to let the coil absorb the liquid by letting your liquid sit in the tank for 5 to 10 minutes before using so they wick proper otherwise you may get a dry burning taste.

    Work excellent once wicked with…[Read more]

  • Convict Genni Hybrid 18650 Mod Review made by Convictvapors This is the Best Genni I have ever used maybe because it is a Hybrid.
    But as you seen in the video it has what you always wanted in a Genni with that reducer under the top cap, and having some of the best contacts you can have in any mod.Silver plating on switch spring and terminals for…[Read more]

  • The E-Cig OutPost Cloud Competition Fri June 13, 2014 of New Jersey The E-Cig OutPost First Cloud Competition Fri June 13, 2014 in Point Pleasant, NJ.
    This was a nice turn out with 20 vapers who entered the competition with being lots of fun, and meeting some new NJ peeps.

  • Hottie from Princeton, NJ gets converted Free to E-cigs by The E-Cig OutPost Shop Tony Monte the owner of The E-cig OutPost gives this 24 year old Hottie a e-cig starter kit for smashing her pack of cigarettes.We hope that we have converted another smoker here. Way to go Tony Monte!



  • Jersey Devil Vapors 2nd Vaping Cloud Competition, and Vape Meet 5/17/14 Jersey Devil Vapors 2nd Vaping Cloud Competition, and Vape Meet 5/17/14

    I was unable to attend this event but was sent this video from the owner of it for the purpose of me uploading it to my You Tube for you viewers.

    Looks like a lot bigger clouds this time around with…[Read more]

  • Cloud Custard eJuice Review made by Linton Vapors Cloud Custard is one of the very beat custard vapes I have tried, and being a favorite of a lot of vapers.

    You can buy it from here http://store4276058.ecwid.com/simple-store or your local B&M

  • Grimm Green Say’s I am Homeless with No permanent address in this video, LOL LOL, where Grimm Green says I am a homeless traveling guy with no permanent address at 1:14 in the video, little did he know I have been a home owner for years.

    JUST A BLAST FROM THE PAST. This was a forum giveaway I won with Grimm Green doing picking the winners from…[Read more]

  • Four NT eJuices Reviewed from Walker Tobacco Alternatives, New! This is a new vendor that is making some real excellent NT liquids with using the finest cigars and pipe tobaccos that taste more authentic then a lot of other NT flavors out their.

    Blackberry Brandy is smooth pipe blend which has some nice notes.

    10 Blend is pipe blend mix of…[Read more]

  • DK’s Brew 2 flavors & Strokanaut eJuices Reviewed sold at Wyckedvapor Bk’s Buttery Nutts was a great flavor Caramel, and buttery nuts, Vanilla Delight was a light tasting vape of vanilla, and another undertone I can seem to recognize that might be the Mexico thing in it. Both had good vapor production, and throat hit.

    Strokanaut made by Jason’s…[Read more]

  • ExodusVapor Three New eJuice Flavors Reviewed These liquids all had good vapor production, and throat hit.

    Blue Desert was my favorite of them all being a real nice Blueberry cream.

    Orange Manna is a orange flavor with a cake finish that was good if you like orange flavor.

    Sour Summer is supposed to be a sour lemonade, I get the sourness but…[Read more]

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